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{You need Read More, the free e-newsletter that gives you a backstage pass into the world of Penguin.}Gagan reports back from the real world.Professor Arnold,How are you? The fall session had started. I assume you must be busy with coordinating your courses. How did the CIT go this summer? I know, there wasa big interest among teachers in that and I saw good attendance there the day when I was there.I thought I should email you to let you know what I have been doing last few months following my end of Summer school and my undergrad at UTM. A monthand half ago, i found a job opportunity at a small but rapidly grown company name AzoogleAds as a Jr. Developer. AzoogleAds is online Marketing andAdvertising company have been ranked number by media experts all around North America. They use to PHP5 and 4 for their in house software development,services and customer products. My job is part programming and part development/management. In nutshell, I am responsible for ensuring that dailyclick reports and other reports are downloaded and fed into the database. I basically wrote a utility using PHP CURL library which downloads thesereports from a third party server as CSV, parse the files and feed them into the database automatically. We keep getting new reports and formats everyday so i have constantly adding and updating my script. Other than that i am also involved an other project and help other developers in minordebugging, fixes, testing and and small functionalities time to time. Its a great position and the company is great in terms of pay and benefits. Thecoworkers are also very helpful and friendly.One thing that i have realized over past few months when I was initially applying for jobs is that you shouldn't very picky about what jobopportunities you get. What i mean to say is that there aren't too many jobs out there and you should seize anything that comes your way, be itdevelopment, programming, testing, consulting or even desktop support. I would like to let my fellow graduate students who are looking for jobs andstudents who will graduating next year and will be looking for that perfect development position they been dreaming of after graduation is that don'tlimit yourself to just pure programming position. What I have noticed that people graduating from UofT computer science have a mentality that thay areonly good for development positions and anything which is not development is of lower grade and should not be considered. Other non developmentpositions like Consulting, Support, Testing, Customer Service and Technical writing are equally challenging, well paid and recognized. I rememberthere was big discussion about whether a testing is worth considering for someone who graduated UofT or not. The thing we have to realize here is thatmost of are fresh graduates with virtually minimum or no experience at all. Employers are not looking where you graduated from. In fact they arelooking for whether you can meet their demands and be an asset to the company and at the same time contribute to the company through ever spectrum notjust your technical skills. That's why they have such competitive and hard interview process. So, saffron extract toronto what ever opportunity that comes along your way youshould definitely consider it because once you are in the industry you will learn more about the inner working of that particular industry and overall and will get more opportunities along the way and foresee new opportunities and can plan you future accordingly. But first you have to startsomewhere and so don't be afraid to start at the bottom level.Anyway, I must get back to work now. I constantly check your page and try to keep myself updated with news and development at UTM.