Saffron Extract 100mg

CancerHeLa cervical cells are more sensitive than normal cells, the inhibitory effect of Saffron in the synthesis of DNA and RNA (in the form of cervical cancer). [34] it has been shown, that the synthesis (derived from Carcinoma of the uterine cervix) is inhibited by nucleic acids through the cell extract of Saffron in HeLa cells. [35] in another study, ROS, has no effective role in the cytotoxic effect of Saffron on cell lines HeLa extract, cell or apoptosis death programmed an important role. [36] the effect of the Crocin and its liposomal Nano in HeLa cells investigated by measurement of cell of apoptosis by flow cytometry method. The results show that the Crocin and liposomal form through a peak of sub-G1 in the histogram produced this toxicity with apoptosis flow cytometry treated cells are involved. Liposomal encapsulation improves the effect of Crocin in cancer cell apoptotic. It could be noted that the Crocin and their liposomes can cause cell death in HeLa cells, where liposomal encapsulation improves the cytotoxic effect. [37]Escribano et al. (1996) showed that the inhibitory activity of growth was manufactured from extracts of turmeric (ID50. 25, 2 3 mg / ml) in vitro by HeLa cells, mainly as a result of Crocin (ID50 3 mm), Picrocrocin and Safranal, then with an ID50 3 to 0. 8 mM, played a subordinate role in the cytotoxicity of extracts of Saffron. These results place near, that sugar causes effect of Crocetin (carotenoid Deglicosilata) in the cytotoxic with saffron no inhibition of saffron extract 100mg the cell growth, also in high doses may play a role. [38] these findings are based on the results of the APA (1994), not to have found effects of Crocetin on formation of Cologne in HeLa cells and two other solid tumor cell lines, but they are nevertheless is not in accordance with other authors have the cytotoxicity of Crocetin against a cell line, a solid tumor reported not derived [19,39] tumor cell lines and primary cells human surgical specimens. [14] microscopic studies revealed that Crocin HeLa cells showed vakuolisierten, crushing, the nuclei of shrinkage and Piknotic cell treated. The activation of cell death due to program changes has specified HeLa cells after exposure to Crocin. [38. 40] a cell line of the study of cervical cancer (HeLa), relatives in lung cancer (SKOV3)-ovarian cancer cell line and small cells (A549) were not treated with Crocetin that, alone or in combination with vincristine. Data from this study showed that Crocetin the spread effect is dose-dependent. Crocetin of clear cell cycle arrest induced by mechanisms p21 (WAF1/Cip1) accompanied the induction of p53-dependent and independent. As a result, caused increase Crocetin effect against cancer in 3 types of cancer cells by apoptosis in a time-dependent manner. Moreover, can can improve the cytotoxicity of vincristine Crocetin. [41] later, APA and Frenkel also showed that you malignant cells: cells of A549 cells (derivatives of lung cancer), WI-38 (normal lung fibroblasts) and goes up to 13 (WI-38 cells transformed by SV40-virus) the inhibitory effect of Saffron in the synthesis of DNA and RNA are more sensitive than normal cells,. [34] saffron extract, induce the proliferation is however not mature and immature lymphocytes in vitro and the formation of colonies of lung cells human normal. [17, 34, 35] In addition, other results supports also Pro-apoptotic effect of Saffron extraction in basal epithelial cells (A549) alveolar. These results show that saffron as a function of concentration, as A549 cells by the apoptotic flow cytometry histogram treated cells determines which causes cell death by apoptosis induced toxicity of Saffron is involved. It could be noted that saffron could lead A549 cells to death to cell apoptosis plays an important role in the. [42] a different in-vivo study reported that Crocetin has antitumor activity in an animal model of lung cancer by free radicals and increases the activity of enzymes, the drugs to metabolize. [43] radical sweep Crocetin, such as through the inhibition of lipid peroxidation and increasing the activity of catalase, superoxide dismutase by treatment of Crocetin, GST and GSH-PX and. Crocetin is a marker enzymes Arylhydrocarbon hydroxylase (AHH), lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), GGT, reduces associated adenosine deaminase (ADA) and 5-Nucleotidase carcinogenic after administration of benzo [a] pyrene ([a] P B) in lung tissue. [43] in addition Mattei et to the. [44] also can inhibit this Crocetin showed the proliferation of cancer cells in the lungs determined by nuclear weapons (PCNA), a glycoprotein Antigen cells and the synthesis of polyamines. This study suggests that the protective effect of Crocetin-induced b [a] Swiss albino mice carcinogenesis P cancer probably by inhibiting effect on the synthesis and glycoprotein changes in polyamines. Crocetin showed inhibitory effect on the formation of synthesis and intracellular colony of nucleic acids A549 (lung cancer) cells and fibroblasts (SV-40 converted fetal lung) VA13. [39]. .