Saffron Crocus Extract

Caution: this product is for external use only, for taking prohibited, oral. If it was, went in the eye without realising account, rinse immediately with water. the product should be stored at room temperature and keep out of reach of children. Caution: do not ingest. If this product is the eyes, rinse immediately with water. Here is a list of substances which will be found in cosmetics and personal care through a database search, by Health Canada officials as Canadian, on the market between 1. Identified in January 1987 and September 13, 2001. This list can be used as a test substance: means a saffron crocus extract substance in a product, that support has been regulated by the food and medicines for the period. Substances that have been nominated for the revised ICL uses this list as proof of trade must be concisely marked as appropriate scientific name with number. for the purposes of Saffron are very limited. However, several studies indicate that consuming saffron may provide certain health benefits. Here ' a look at some important search results available. If it is used as a weight loss aid, should rein in Saffron supplements reduce appetite and cravings. Some authors suggest that saffron may help promote brain serotonin (a chemical that regulates mood) and in turn help prevent compulsive eating in excess and the corresponding weight gain. Turmeric extract promising as a means against eating compulsively, according to a study published in nutrition research in 2010. For the study were 60 healthy women, slightly overweight with saffron supplementation or a placebo daily for eight weeks (in which participants ' calorie intake is not limited). The results of the study showed that the members of the Group of Saffron a decrease is much more known and snacks is important. a further significant reduction in body weight (compared to members of the placebo group). The study's authors ' have observed, that so-called effects ' saffron's improving mood might be to reduce the frequency of snacking. More information on natural weight loss remedies. Some studies show that saffron may help to treat depression. For example, one study resulted in 2005 published in phytotherapy, that saffron extract more effective than placebo in treating easier to moderate depression. The study included 40 adults with depression, each treated daily with turmeric supplements or a placebo for six weeks. In a previous study (complementary and alternative published by BMC in 2004) took 30 adults with depression turmeric supplements or imipramine (a medication for depression) per day for six weeks. The results showed that the substances for the treatment of depression are equally effective. To see the natural cure for depression. Saffron is considered safe, if it consumes in the form of food, supplements can cause saffron, which the various effects (including headaches, dizziness, drowsiness and dry mouth) secondary. What's ' say too much Saffron can be toxic and cause such bleeding, vomiting and numbness. ! ? Given the fact that saffron may affect mood, people with serious mood disorders (such as bipolar disorder) should use saffron. If you re planning to use ' saffron for health reasons, talk to your doctor. I also remember a condition of treatment and prevent or delay standard therapy can have serious consequences. Saffron is available in most shops. Many health food stores are widely available to buy supplements online, saffron and shops specializing in supplements. Warning: the information on this site is for educational purposes only and are not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment of a licensed physician. It should cover all possible precautions, interactions, or adverse circumstances. You should check with your doctor for a health problem immediately and consult their doctor before using alternative medicine or a change in his regime. .